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Camps Fill Up Fast!


Every participant of the Chicago White Sox Summer Camps will compete in the Chicago White Sox Skills Competition. The Skills Competition tests the participant’s Running, Throwing and Hitting; some of the same skills that pro scouts use to evaluate High School and College players!

The top scores from the 2016 White Sox Summer Camps competed in Champions Day on Saturday, September 17th.  Congratulations to all those that competed this summer, and to the Champions below!

7yrs and Under Age Group:

•    1st Place—Beau Edmonds (872 points)
•    2nd Place—Tate Beran (834 points)
•    3rd Place—Landon Currie (809 points)

8yr Old Age Group:
•    1st Place—Billy Main (924 points)
•    2nd Place—Kameron Luif (879 points)
•    3rd Place—Charlie Rosynek (875 points)

9yr Old Age Group:
•    1st Place—Chase Reeder (1,006 points)
•    2nd Place—Ryan Jackson (1,000 points)
•    3rd Place—Nico Mainolfi (982 points)

10yr Old Age Group:
•    1st Place—Micah Rienstra-Kiracofe (1,047 points)
•    2nd Place—Patrick Cohoon (1,020 points)
•    3rd Place—Kade Fatland (1,001 points)

11yrs Old and Up Age Group:
•    1st Place—Cody Sunny (1,117 points)
•    2nd Place—Joseph Knepper (1,094 points)
•    3rd Place—Evan Jennings (1,075 points)

We look forward to seeing everyone again next summer!