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Anti-Obesity Fitness Movement


anti-obesity.jpgIn 2010, we will use the power of our brands, and hopefully yours, to teach kids, families and schools how to fight back in the war against childhood obesity.  The Bulls/Sox Academy is converting to a FITNESS EDUCATION FIELD TRIP destination during school hours.   Every school day, legions of students will come to the Academy to learn about fitness… not baseball and basketball, but fundamental athletic movement and lifestyle choices that will hopefully jumpstart a lifetime of healthier living. The Fitness Experience will include EnergizaBulls station, health/nutrition information, and the highlight of the experience: The Vault. Your company can join us in our mission! We will showcase your company’s commitment to this movement by:
  • Branding throughout the Academy
  • Media center PSAs and partner messages
  • Partner recognition in extensive marketing & advertising of the initiative
  • Distribution of partner information and/or premiums
  • Ongoing public relations support
  • Customizable private events for community relations initiatives
Our popular brands and our credibility in the youth market put us in a unique and powerful position to tackle the challenge of childhood obesity.

By teaching the joy of movement and not exclusively athletic skills, we will show ALL kids that fitness can be a fun and engaging experience.

We can give schools and communities an exciting and entertaining environment to teach true physical education in this new high-tech, gaming millennium. 

By utilizing the power of the Chicago Bulls, White Sox, and Bulls/Sox Training Academy brands, we can provide positive role models to teach kids how to maintain physical activity and make healthy lifestyle choices.