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Over the past several years we have come face-to-face with the alarming truth that many children are headed for a lifetime of disastrous health issues with one of the main causes being obesity. Using the powers of the Chicago Bulls and White Sox, we are reaching out to ALL children, athlete AND non-athlete, by developing a program to change the way kids feel about exercise and nutrition.

We invite you to partner with us in this powerful attack on the most serious health issues facing our nation's youth. The Chicago Bulls and White Sox provide school children in Illinois a fitness education experience like none other in America combining education, exercise and gaming to offer a unique high-tech, high-energy, social, and EDUCATIONAL experience! This interactive exergaming destination meets Illinois State Learning Standard Goals:

► Goal #19: Movement SkillsRailyard-Fitness-Field-Trip

► Goal #20: Physical Education

► Goal #22:Health Promotion/Prevention/Treatment

► Goal #23: Human Body Systems

► Goal #24: Communication & Decision Making

Field-trips fill up months in advance!


To book your field-trip, contact  Kelly Williams at / 630-324-8251.




Field-Trip-NutritionMedia-Center-Station-Field-TripOur media center is where we deliver a number of healthy living messages through staff presenters along with video components including tips from pro athletes. This area will focus on health education customized to the age of the group.

Field-Trip-Railyard-FitnessRailyard-Fitness-Field-TripThis is the only "low-tech" element of the entire day, but it's still high on the fun and learning scale. Students will climb, crawl, jump, slide, and balance their way to a great time. Our staff will be creative in designing mini-competitions for each age group.


Team-BuildingHOPS-Sports-Field-TripParticipate in variety of fun and interactive team building activities to laugh, learn, and connect with your team!

Field-Trip-The-VaultVault-Fitness-Experience-Field-Trip The most unique exercise + gaming experience in America! Your students will love THE VAULT. So will you when you see the magic of combining video games and exercise. That's the power of "exer-gaming".


Interested in purchasing an exer-game you've seen in the Vault? Please visit for additional information.

Vault Exergame Showcase: T-Wall, Interactive Touch Wall, EyePlay, Spivy Bikes, XBOX, Treadwall, 3 Kick, Heavy Ball, Freedom Climber, & Group Virtual Cycle Racing.


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