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What people are saying about EXPLOSION®


"Before working out at Explosion, I had been a member at the academy for nearly three years.  My sole use for the academy had been for honing my pitching and hitting skills. I had tried several different workout routines over those years including the fitness programs  as well as my high school coach’s weight training program. I thought that I was getting stronger, but my pitching velocity was not improving at the rate that I felt it should have increased.  Additionally,  I had a nagging injury due to my inflexibility.  Consequently, I felt that I was missing a major component in my workout regimen.

I decided to try Explosion after looking into the several workout programs in the area. My first day of the program was the most challenging workout  I had ever done.    I thought that I was in good physical condition, but the first workout showed me that I had a lot of room for improvement.  I stuck with the program despite feeling very sore the day after.  Over time,  I began to notice my overall strength and flexibility  increase.   In addition,  a clicking sensation in my right hip went away and my range of motion in my hips increased dramatically.  The Explosion sessions,  three to four per week over a  five month period, were not only the  most challenging workouts I have experienced, but also proved to be  the most productive months that I have spent conditioning in an off season.

Even though the Explosion sessions were done in a group format, the attention I received from Mark Crabtree and Kyle Kobernus was equal to the attention I would receive from an individual training session with a  personal trainer.  My experience with Mark and Kyle has given me a different perspective on how to strength train, which I believe  has given me a competitive  advantage going forward as I complete my high school baseball season as well as into my college baseball career. The program was tailored to meet  my personal needs and strength level.  Mark and Kyle did a great job introducing new exercises or variations to certain exercises that continued to challenge me, maximizing my strength  training but at the same time maintaining my flexibility.  In addition, both Mark and Kyle were very positive, supportive, and made the training sessions fun. I highly recommend Explosion training to athletes  who are serious about improving their performance level

-- Bryan Jagielo,  HS Baseball Player

"After Nate began going to Explosion, I noticed an immediate change in his well-being. He's always excited to attend and looks forward to Explosion training as they knew they were going to get a work-out that was much different and more intense than most of their friends experience. They always felt challenged, but supported by the Explosion Staff - who are great about knowing how far to push them and not letting them just get through the work-out, but to be invested in each exercise.


Finally, another result of the Explosion experience is that they are much more aware of what kinds of food they are putting in their bodies and have been trying to eat and drink healthier. They don't want to jeopardize all their hard work by eating too much "junk food". We really appreciate the dedication of the Explosion Staff to helping kids become stronger and faster so that they can be well-rounded athletes.


Of all the money I've spent on baseball equipment, lessons and teams over the years. The best investment I've made is getting Nate in Explosion."


                    -- Ken Field, Parent

"I wanted to thank you so much for the help you are providing to my son. He has been attending Explosion for about four weeks now and I feel this is the best money I have ever spent. His coordination, strength, and athleticism have improved so much in such a short time. I am truly amazed at the progress he has made in such a short time. On top of that, he is having a great time. He is excited about going to training and pushes us to get out the door so he won’t miss a minute of his workout.
Thanks so much for all you and your staff are doing to make him a better athlete."
         --Kyle Walker, Parent

"I just wanted to take some time to let you know what a great experience Explosion has been for Jason and many of my players.


Anybody can offer this type of training, however it’s the expertise of your team that really trains and develops the athlete. They are trained to do things correctly to get the most out of it and to be able to continue to train and develop even on their own.


If an athlete is looking for core strength, a quick first step and a stronger body both mentally or physically this is the place to be.


Jason has hopes and dreams to play in the big leagues some day and certainly through high school and college and Explosion will be a huge part of making those dreams more of a reality. He is committed to continuing his training with you."


              --Bob Behnke Electric Baseball

"Two years ago I was not happy the amount of playing time I was getting on my High School Baseball Team.  Explosion changed all that.  Since I began training with Explosion my playing time has greatly increased.  I’ve gained over 10 mph on my fastball. My core strength, jumping ability, speed and quickness have all improved.  I really enjoy the camaraderie of the athletes I train with.  Explosion has also taught me how to properly warm up and how important core strength is to every athletic activity. "


           --Adam Beyer, HS Baseball Player

"As a parent, I want to give my children the resources to reach their full potential. Explosion is a great way to do that. My son has benefited tremendously from Explosion. He is quicker, stronger, faster, and overall a much better athlete than he was. Explosion teaches the kids how to properly warm up, and then it works all muscle groups. I have seen quantifiable improvements in him. One of the nice things is that Explosion performs pre and post testing, so I was able to see through the testing what my eyes were seeing regarding his athletic improvement. Mark, and his staff interact well with the kids, so the kids never get bored."
        --Brian Beyer, Parent of HS Baseball Player
"Our guys train every day. Every time they take the field they are relying on their conditioning program to allow them to perform at the highest level. Explosion Sports Performance Training at the Bulls White Sox Training Academy will prepare you to perform your best."

-- Herm Schneider, White Sox Athletic Trainer
"I wanted to thank you for working with Ryan. He enjoys your class, and really looks up to you. Thank you for being such a positive influence on him as a person and for showing him the importance of exercise and good health. You do a wonderful job with the boys."

-- Frank M, Parent of Training Academy Baseball Member

"East and West Leyden High School combined to make up one team so there is a lot of completion for each level. With your help and your program Jennifer made varsity against juniors and seniors. Not only did she make it, but in running she is third fastest and with her great bat speed she is able to take sixty five mph fast balls and drive them out there.

Thanks for everything, we will see you when high school ball is over…"

        -- Russ, Cindy, Parents of Explosion Student
“Your staff’s training has brought out the best of Phillip’s skills.  He has been exposed to such things as: respect, sportsmanship, perseverance and confidence.“

-- Mrs. D’Addio, Parent of Training Academy Baseball Member


"I have been a part of Explosion for nearly a decade and have experienced nothing but positive outcomes from it.  I joined Explosion as a junior in high school being a top high school baseball player in the state, but was not satisfied with my athleticism.  I was slow-footed and not very explosive, and after just a few months of doing Explosion for the first time, I exceeded those needs.  Ever since joining Explosion, I have incorporated this program and its exercises into my conditioning program from high school baseball into my years as a professional baseball player, and even now as a coach for Explosion.

Every year since joining Explosion, I have seen and experienced how the program has made athletes become faster, stronger, more flexible, powerful, and develop harder work ethic.  Each year the program becomes more advanced and provides the very best conditioning program an athlete can experience.  It was always great to feel all the advancements I had made throughout the program and how much I improved as an athlete and as a player on the field every year.  Now as a coach for Explosion, along with Mark Crabtree, I have the privilege of helping develop and improve other athlete's skills as I did mine." 

Kyle Kobernus, Explosion Coach


"I started Explosion when I was in seventh grade. As my first experience with performance training, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I signed up as a way to stay in shape during the baseball off-season. My first day, Mark explained foreign concepts to me such as the “medicine ball wall” circuit, “exploding elbows”, “medicine ball throws”, and the “push-up matrix.” Mark presented each exercise in a fun, controlled manner. But in the process, he also kicked my butt! I woke up the next day with sore muscles I didn’t even know I had. But it was a good soreness. I felt accomplished, and I haven’t looked back since.

I have participated in Explosion from seventh grade all the way through my senior year in high school. As a grizzled Explosion veteran, I believe in the program. It works, and the results are real. I’ve trained with a variety of athletes. I’ve trained with the likes of Jim Adduci (Cub’s Minor leaguer), Lucas Harrell (White Sox 40-man roster), I’ve trained with people from all ages and levels, but each person has had the same goal: to make themselves better. While other kids have been “inflating” themselves in high school weight rooms with their “beach body” workouts, I’ve been making myself quicker, stronger, and more flexible. Explosion has transformed me from a scrawny, stiff seventh grader who couldn’t touch his toes, into a confident varsity athlete. Thanks Mark; it’s been a great six years."

-- Adam Bulter, Athlete
"Being involved in professional sports, I am fully aware of how important physical fitness and training are. That is why I have had my son Brandon go to the Bulls-Sox Academy Explosion Program the last 3 years. The program is of Major League quality and run by in my opinion the top fitness instructor in the Midwest"

-- Roger Bossard, Head Groundskeeper Chicago White Sox
"Baseball tryouts are over now, and I'm thrilled to let you know that Ben not only made the freshman team, but he made the 'A' squad!  I definitely believe that the Explosion classes definitely gave him the workouts he needed to meet his goals, but more importantly, they gave him the confidence that he could run, pitch, throw, and bat as well (if not better) than any one else at the tryouts!"

-- Kristi, Baseball Parent
Since retiring from professional baseball in 1990 I have often been asked, “ If given the opportunity, what would you change in your professional baseball career?”  It’s a difficult question considering no professional athlete ever wants to look back and say, “ If I had only…” Besides, I made it a personal goal during my 11-year career to never utter those dreaded words, “What if?”  After all, I achieved the goal that I had set when I was 8 years old by playing Major League Baseball.

Sure, I played in the big leagues and our training was sophisticated and cutting edge, but the players of my generation just missed out on the biggest development in athletic training.  Never once at the end of a season was I given a strength and conditioning manual.  Never once did any team I played with (three major league teams) employ a strength coach.  And never once in my wildest dreams did I imagine the young athletes of today would have better opportunities for improvement than we had as major league players.

Today, “BEING THE BEST YOU CAN BE” is more possible than it’s ever been for the young athlete.  When you get right down to it, isn’t that the goal of every athlete?  I loved to play the game of baseball and had fun, but training for the game, preparing to compete and practicing with a purpose are when you become a player! 

So…I guess there is one thing I would change in my professional baseball career.  I would change the era in which I came up to the big leagues.   It seems the time is now to, “ run faster, jump higher, throw farther, and hit harder.”  To borrow a phrase, “We have the technology.”  The only other ingredient we need to help you become your best is your commitment.

        -- Jim Adduci

I wanted to thank you for the work you did with John this past 6 months. I found the 4” gained in vertical jump as eye popping as the 9 mph gain in arm speed. I can’t help but wonder what John could have achieved if he hadn’t missed two weeks with strep throat.

I think the program has not only taught him that he needs to work hard to achieve measurable goals physically but that the same is true with school work. John should be for the first time a high honors student. He also scored high enough on the Benet test to not need his sisters’ legacy status for admission.

The work you do with John is nothing short of amazing and he as well as I, look forward to the next 4 years to see what he can achieve. The 6 months with auto deduct from card is a good way to package the program.

Thanks for the time and thought you put into the best program I ever spent money on for my son.

-- John Claussen

I have participated in Explosion over the past four years. I have had many opportunities to work out at other athletic complexes and with other trainers, but I have continually chosen to attend Explosion with Mark Crabtree. He is great at getting the maximum athletic ability out of all his participants. Before I started working out at Bulls/Sox, I told Mark that I was hoping to improve my first step quickness, lateral quickness, and vertical jump. I was looking to become a better all-around athlete to help me develop into the best basketball player that I could possibly be. After just one six week session with Mark, I had significantly improved in every category. After that first section, and the results that I had seen, I was hooked on Explosion. Mark does a great job making sure that all of my workouts were geared specifically toward basketball. He also had many baseball players at the time, and he had them doing different exercises that were more helpful for their sport. I would not recommend any other trainer in the area other than Mark. Explosion has done wonders for me and I am very lucky that I chose to workout at the Academy four years ago. 

-- Dave Sobolewski

As a parent of children who love sports, we first became aware of Explosion when the Bulls/Sox Academy facility opened. So far, we have had three of our children participate in Explosion for three different sports, and all have benefited tremendously by working with Mark and his staff.

Be it softball, basketball or baseball, all of our children have enjoyed their Explosion experience and all three have left Explosion as better-conditioned athletes and better prepared to compete. The staff has proven itself to be extremely knowledgeable and willing to work with any unique requests that we had. A couple of our kids during their time in Explosion were dealing with minor injuries or soreness and the staff was outstanding in making sure that both our child and we as parents knew exactly what the plan was to return them to full strength. If there was a drill/exercise that one of our younger children was supposed to be doing at home, Mark made sure to show me exactly how it should be done to ensure that our son was performing it properly when he was at home.

For each of our kids, Explosion played a vital part in their athletic success. We will definitely continue to call on Mark and his staff in the future. There might be other “training options” around, but our experience tells us that Bulls/Sox Academy’s Explosion program delivers the results we want.

Ken Sobolewski 

When I was first introduced to Explosion, travel baseball was the primary focus for my training. Now, nearly 10 years later, I have just graduated from college and completed my collegiate career as a baseball player. But that has not stopped me from continuing my training. Staying fit is even more important to me than when I was competing on the field or getting ready for the next season. Explosion and the theory that it is based on has become a way of life for me. The tools that Explosion has given me not only benefited me on the baseball field, it changed my whole outlook on physical activity as a lifestyle.

I was 14 years old when I had my first Explosion class with Mark. Not having any knowledge about strength and conditioning, he made sure I would never forget from then on. With the ever so changing world of strength and conditioning, Explosion has stayed with the tide and continued to introduce new theories and tweaks to potentially produce the strongest athlete possible. Now, at age 23, I have years of knowledge and experience to pass on and continue using throughout my life. 

-- Mike Kubo

When I first went to Explosion, I wasn’t sure what to expect. This was the first time I went to train to better my performance in softball.  As a 16 year old, it was tough. I didn’t really know how much I would get from it but I knew something was happening because I felt myself getting stronger. That high school season, I was seeing the results on the field. I could hit the ball farther and my arm also got stronger.  I was fortunate enough to meet and work with Mark Crabtree, who taught me to work harder and was able to show me different exercises specific to softball. It was after that first session, where I decided to study in the field of Kinesiology. From the experience I had at Bulls/Sox, I knew that I wanted to have a career to help young athletes gain confidence in themselves as I did.

When I returned to Explosion, it was the summer after my sophomore year in college. After the first session I knew I was going to get results. Mark does a great job of having different exercises specific to the type of athlete he is working with. The results that I received are nothing like I have seen before. My bat speed increased, my speed increased, and I found myself being able to throw out collegiate runners from deep right field. The next summer I returned because I knew that Explosion would improve and maintain my strength and conditioning. Once again, the program that Mark prescribed accomplished just that.

Going into my Senior year of college, I knew that in order to graduate from college I needed to complete a summer internship. With the help I received from training with the explosion program, I concluded that I wanted to do my internship at Bulls/Sox under Mark Crabtree. I knew Mark had a lot to offer from the results I received. I’m very excited to return this summer to be an intern and learn from Mark. Explosion is a great experience and athletes truly gain so much from it. I recommend it to any athlete willing to put the work in to get better for themselves as well as their team.

-- Beth Golitko


My kids have been in EXPLOSION since 2003 (my youngest is now a 6th grader and he started at 5 years old!) EXPLOSION delivers as advertised as long as the athlete comes ready to work, ready to sweat and ready to push themselves. There are no shortcuts, there are no gimmicks to developing better leg speed, arm speed and bat speed. It takes work and the athlete has to be willing to do that work. In addition to the physical benefits of EXPLOSION, the program also taught my kids that hard work gets results. That lesson will stick with them long after they are done with athletics.

I have a daughter who is now in college who played high school basketball and soccer. She took EXPLOSION to improve her conditioning, her ability to quickly change directions and her leg strength. My daughter learned in EXPLOSION that the biggest edge you can get is being able to go at full speed late in games when your competitors are slowing down. She knew that in top level competition especially in soccer, being able to get to the ball before your opponent especially late in a game could be the difference between winning and losing. I'll give you a concrete example. In her senior year, her team was protecting a 1-0 lead while playing for a conference championship, my daughter played 70 minutes of an 80 minute game. With 10 minutes to go, when an opponent made a mistake that comes with fatigue, my daughter pounced on the loose ball 20 yards from the goal and hammered the ball in for a 2-0 win. EXPLOSION helped prepare her for that one moment that decides a game and gave her a memory of her competitive career she'll never forget.

Jim Blaney

The first Explosion t-shirt I ever got read: “The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday” and that t-shirt could not have been more correct. Although they were the hardest workouts I had ever done, they were the most beneficial. During soccer or basketball practice I was always ready to go and I was always just a bit more in shape than everyone else. It gave me a competitive edge that at my level was hugely important and hard to get. That translated into being able to play an entire 90-minute soccer game and be playing at a high level the whole way.

Corny sayings aside, Explosion was the reason I was a successful high school athlete. It was the reason I scored more of my goals in the second half than in the first. It was also how I became mentally tough and prepared myself for that one chance late in a game when my body was dead tired. But for me, that one chance came twice: once in soccer and once in basketball. Explosion gave me the leg strength to hit a 3-point buzzer beater to win a basketball game and the endurance and mental toughness to score a goal with 10 seconds left to win a soccer game. Explosion taught me to push through that mental barrier and reach my body’s full potential.

As a female athlete, I saw many teammates and friends tear ACL’s, MCL’s and meniscus or get strains or sprains that would leave them benched for an entire season. But that never happened to me. I had some pretty nasty injuries, but nothing that ended a season. Was it luck? Maybe. But I think that because Explosion strengthened every ligament and tendon in my body, I was less prone to injury because I was stronger. The only way to combat injuries like that are to make sure you are as strong as you can possibly be. I attribute the fact that I never experienced those injuries to the strength of my body because of Explosion.

Kayleigh Blaney

As a high school Varsity coach and a professional coaching instructor I have had the privilege to have witnessed and been a part of many athletes as they have grown up. As part of this I have seen and been a part of their life’s as they have been involved in programs like “Explosion”.

Being able to know and see these athletes before and after has been an eye-opener for me. Natural maturity allows the athlete to obtain better coordination and strength as they age. Explosion, as I have seen it, accelerates it with great advances in both areas at a much earlier age and in a shorter time, thus improving the athlete’s skill level at a much earlier rate. With today’s competition in sports being what it is…this is a great advantage to the individual athlete.

This process not only has given the athlete and non-athletes a better physical skill level but more important to me, better self-esteem. With the improvement in all areas: Strength, coordination, balance, agility and speed, the well-being of the athlete is greatly improved too…with a positive Self-esteem. Having a positive attitude about who you are and what you can accomplish is just as important. The confidence and pride the athletes acquire is amazing. The ability to like their selves more is something really needed in society today.

To me the program “Explosion” program is one of the most valuable things an athlete can do for themselves. This program promotes the whole person, body and mind,,, what a great idea!

Phil Fox Academy Instructor, 21 Year Coach of Downers Grove South High School

I have been coming to Explosion for 8 years now. A couple weeks ago, Mark Crabtree invited me to come to the professional Explosion. There were some differences, but what surprised me the most was how many similarities there were between the pro Explosion and the regular Explosion that most of us do.

The key differences were stronger and faster athletes, harder working athletes, and a fast pace of work. These are professional athletes so they would obviously be bigger, faster and stronger. They would do all of the drills in about half the time that athletes in the traditional Explosion would. These guys also worked really hard. They would push one another to become better and go 100% all the time. The most glaring difference was definitely the pace of work. They worked very quickly and got their work done.

They were much more similarities than differences. The main similarities were that the drills were the exactly the same ones I've been working on for 8 years. Mark worked with us in the exact same way as if he was with a group of regular Explosion, and the athletes had fun just like the regular Explosion. We did tennis ball drills, ladders, cone drills, sprints, core work, etc. Mark was great; he treated the pros just as if he was working with a regular Explosion class. He coached us through the drills and then just had regular conversations with all the athletes. The last major similarity was that these professionals were just like big kids. They had normal conversations, they cracked jokes, and they had fun doing all of the exercises no matter how easy or hard.

I learned a group of things from my experiences from Pro Explosion, but I learn two that I consider most important. The first is that the pros who do Explosion do the same things as those that we do in regular Explosion. So listen to what Crabtree has to say because he’s telling you the same things that he tells the professionals. The second and most important is that if you want to become a professional you have to work as hard as you possibly can, give 110% every time you workout. That is the only possible way that you can make it big because you can’t just sit on your butt and get better, if that could happen we would all be in the Major Leagues. My dad has always said: If you’re going to do something you should do it to the best of your abilities. I finally realize that he is absolutely right.

Nick Moore

Explosion means a break from school for me. All day I work hard on school work, then when I get home from school I have to go right back to doing homework. Explosion gives me a break from all that work. It’s the highlight of my day. It gives me a chance to have fun and talk with other kids from different cities while I get a work out that really helps with balance, strength, speed, and overall fitness. After I started explosion, I started really excelling in my team sports like baseball and football because I realized I was in great shape. All my drills and practices were getting easier and I was really able to help my team out in the last few innings of baseball games or the 4th quarter of a football game because while most of my teammates were tired and slowing down, I was still going strong and still playing hard. The explosion instructors encourage the kids in the explosion class to reach their personal best in order for them to get better. I’m really proud to be a part of the explosion program.

-- Jake Fauske


After Nate and Jack began going to Explosion, I noticed an immediate change in their well-being - they slept better, were in a better mood much of the time, and seemed to have gained confidence. They were always excited to attend and looked forward to Explosion training as they knew they were going to get a work-out that was much different and more intense than most of their friends experience. They always

felt challenged, but supported by the Explosion Staff - who are great about knowing how far to push them and not letting them just get through the work-out, but to be invested in each exercise.

As a result of their training, they have started implementing some of what they have learned at home on their own - without being told to do so....they feel the results and know the benefits of continued practice.

Finally, another result of the Explosion experience is that they are much more aware of what kinds of food they are putting in their bodies and have been trying to eat and drink healthier. They don't want to jeopardize all their hard work by eating too much "junk food". We really appreciate the dedication of the Explosion Staff to helping kids become stronger and faster so that they can be well-rounded athletes.

-- Ken Field

My son tried the one hour Explosion trial at the suggestion of his baseball pitching coach. We were encouraged when he really enjoyed the session and signed him up for Explosion that day. Our son has continued with Explosion ever since. As he's continued, we've seen his strength, flexibility and agility improve - I think that's a big confidence builder for him and something that he is proud of.  Participating in Explosion has certainly contributed to his improvement on the baseball field, but we've also noticed improvement in his school sports of volleyball and basketball as well.

I'm happy as a parent that he enjoys Explosion but also I think his participation is helping the light bulb go off for him about the value of exercise and taking care of himself. It helps him to see that hard work and dedication lead to results and those are lessons that transcend sports.

Steve Klockner

I just want to say thanks for all that you did for me this off season to help me improve. It helped me a lot. 

After going through explosion I would say my strength and speed improved drastically. It really improved my performance on the court. I got way more rebounds that I would not have gotten before and was able to finish at the rim much more easily. Going through the explosion program really paid off for me. It really helped me in the areas I needed to improve. Maybe the workouts got tough at times, but it was definitely worth it.

-- James Roemer


When I started doing Explosion, I was not a good athlete by any stretch of the imagination. However, once I began, I realized I not only could run faster, jump higher, and change direction more quickly, but I enjoyed working out and taking care of my body for the first time in my life.

That, I believe, is what separates explosion from other agility classes: the great atmosphere and great trainers. Mark has been a certified trainer for a long time and has worked with many professional athletes over the years. This expertise makes no two workouts exactly the same, and all workouts are tailored to your needs. While he makes you work hard, Mark and his staff are primarily there to help you and want to see you succeed. You also make tons of friends who are just as motivated to improve as you. This culture makes success inevitable; whatever you define success to be, Explosion can help you get there.

        -- Matt Bensen

Explosion has been beneficial to me in many ways. Not only has it made me more competitive in lacrosse and basketball, but it has led to a healthier lifestyle for me. Explosion has really helped me on the basketball court and lacrosse field by making me more explosive and agile. The difference in my abilities before explosion to now is extraordinary. I am much quicker, and I don’t get worn out as easily. In addition to helping me in sports, Explosion has led me to be healthier and fit. It has taught me that physical fitness is important in all facets of life, and that to achieve a goal I need to work hard for it. Overall, Explosion has been a positive experience for me.

-- Dan Bensen

After my original training place was closed, I was referred to Explosion. The trainers there welcomed me with open arms, and I began training there 2-3 times a week. I became much stronger with this program. Because of my size, this was very beneficial to me in my basketball season. When handling the ball at the point guard, my defender was not able to bump me off the ball, and my average rebounds per game nearly doubled. I not only became an all around better athlete, but I also finished the program in better shape, and was ready to begin the intense conditioning of my early basketball practices. Thank you for pushing me to become a better athlete!

-- Claire Monroe

Explosion has been a fantastic experience for my son. The program has allowed him to develop as a complete athlete. His speed and quickness have improved steadily over the last two years in the program. At the same time, his core and overall strength has been an amazing transformation

More importantly, my son's confidence has soared while in this program. He is a different kid in all the sports he participates in because of the confidence Explosion has given him. Mark and his staff do an incredible job of building relationships with the kids while they work. That combination makes Explosion a fantastic program that I give my highest recommendation.

Matt Thompson

My two sons started in the Explosion program back in 2007. They were 7 and 9 years old. It may sound hard to believe but they loved going to work out. You don’t hear that from kids very often. I attribute that to Mr. Crabtree and the people working with him. They do a great job with athletes of all ages. Performance training has changed some even in just the last few years and they keep updating and evolving the program. Can’t say enough good things about the experience my boys had there.

Regardless of what happens in their athletic pursuits the exposure to this program and seeing firsthand the results that can come from hard work will be of great value to them. You could see how proud they were of their various improvements during each session. If we hadn’t moved out of state this past year they’d still be signing up for Explosion training.

           -- Kent Voss

Explosion really helped me with my basketball season this year. I was able to handle the physical part of the game way better. I'll be doing Explosion for the next six months to help me with my baseball season.

I've worked with Mark, and Kyle. They're all great, and they know what they're doing. You work hard, but you have fun doing it and you feel great after you're done.

I was kind of nervous the first time I went to Explosion because I thought it was going to be too hard. It actually was hard, but the more I went, the stronger I got, and the more I wanted to go. I really look forward to the work-outs, and I don't like to miss sessions. My favorite part is the core work. It makes you stronger all-around. I'd recommend Explosion to anyone who's playing a sport and wants to get stronger and faster or just get into great shape

Joey (14)

Explosion is great, but by far the best part of Explosion is the coaches. Not only are Mark and Kyle two of the nicest people I've ever met, they're really good at what they do. They push you to be better, but make the experience fun at the same time. When you walk out of Explosion, you're tired but you feel confident as well. Explosion got me in great shape, and helped me to recover from an injury. Mark went above and beyond to help me get better, and I can't thank him and Kyle enough!

Christina (16) 

I first heard about Explosion several years ago. I was looking for a program to help keep my daughter in shape during the volleyball off-season. I looked into several programs, and after watching my daughter go through one of Mark's session, I decided that it was a great fit for her. At the end of that trial session she felt great and also felt that Explosion was the right fit. I now have two children who are part of the Explosion program, with a third on the way. Mark and his staff take a very personal approach, and tailor the program to meet each athlete's individual needs. Both children look forward to their training sessions, with their only complaint being that they wish they could go more often. The program has helped them with their athletics and their personal confidence, and also helped my daughter get through an athletic injury.  Explosion has had a positive effect on my children and has helped them realize what they're truly capable of accomplishing. I'd highly recommend the Explosion program to anyone who wants to take their athletics and/or their physical fitness to the next level. 

Nicole (Parent)

-- The Oddo Family

My daughter Brooke took her first Explosion training in 2008 and has been taking two sessions every year since then. It helps her to keep in shape for softball, volleyball and basketball and has had a positive impact on her performance in those sports, from the speed with which she pitches, to her base running, to her endurance. She’s met a lot of nice people during the process, both athletes and instructors.

Most recently, the Explosion staff put a program together especially for Brooke so that she can continue exercising and training while recovering from a knee injury. Brooke was diagnosed with an OCD fracture in her knee and told she could not run, jump, or pitch for two to three months. She got this news right in the middle of volleyball season and just before her travel softball season. When I told the Explosion staff about this, they immediately came back and offered a training program that avoids her injury and helps keep her in shape and motivated during her recovery. It really improved her outlook on the injury and she really looks forward to her training nights.

Michael Bandy

I had a great time working out at Explosion. This sports performance training program has helped me get into shape for softball season for multiple years. Explosion works! It works on improving all aspects of your game and got me ready for high school try-outs. All of the trainers are knowledgeable, experienced and approachable. Overall, my experience with Explosion has been great. I had fun, bonded with my team mates, felt great and got in awesome shape.

Thanks Mark, Kyle and Adam!

-- Sarah Collalti, 16URR White Sox Academy Travel Team

Last two years that Marlon has been attending Explosion program, since then he has become a much better soccer player, athlete and person. I have noticed a high level of physical endurance, speed and agility – which have helped him a great deal in all the competition that he has participated.

He was selected last year to play in the 2010 Copa Bimbo Chivas - an International Soccer tournament in Guadalajara Mexico, where youth from best professional soccer teams from South America and Europe participate. Although the games were played at a very high altitude of 6000 feet, he was able to handle all the games with no problem and stood out for endurance and speed – he was the best goal scorer for his team.

This year Marlon continues playing at the highest level competition for Deportivo Chivas Club U11 and U12 teams. This summer he is invited to participate in AC Milan camp in Italy.

He looks forward to the practice and enjoys every minute of it – when you ask him why, he smiles and says that kids and coaches are very nice and he likes the different drills that have made practice more fun.

-- Sokol Marishta

"East and West Leyden High School combined to make up one team so there is a lot of completion for each level. With your help and your program Jennifer made varsity against juniors and seniors. Not only did she make it, but in running she is third fastest and with her great bat speed she is able to take sixty five mph fast balls and drive them out there.

Thanks for everything, we will see you when high school ball is over…"

-- Russ Hall


My two boys, ages 13 and 10 took Explosion at the White Sox academy with Mark. They wanted to sign up for the 6-month session! I first I was hesitant, thinking, twice a week for 6 months and 1 ½ hours of working out a session might be a little much for them. Boy, was I wrong! They never complained about going to Explosion and actually asked, “Is tonight an Explosion night”? Through all of their training, Mark and his assistants made the workouts fun and interesting.

Throughout the 6 months they worked every muscle of their body! They felt great and could tell a difference in their strength. At the end of their training they both had gotten faster in running, bat speed, and throwing. I would highly recommend Explosion to anyone that is looking for a safe, fun, and effective training schedule for his or her child.

        -- Jennifer Vercautren

"We stumbled upon "Explosion" by accident... and so happy we did.

Our sons--ages 10 and 12--were between sports and falling into a routine of tv and video games; Explosion got them active again. They enjoy the sessions, and feel a sense of accomplishment when they complete a workout. They've added muscle, they have more energy, and they are clearly proud of the changes they see in themselves.


The Explosion schedule lets us pick the days and times that work for us, and the variety of training activities ensures that the boys don't get bored. Explosion has been great experience for us."

Mrs. D’Addio, Parent of Training Academy Baseball Member