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SC-Training.jpgThe NEW Strength & Conditioning Program at the Bulls / Sox Academy is the best place to increase your physical capabilities so that YOU can better utilize your talent and take your game to another level.

Athletes today are becoming BIGGER, FASTER, and STRONGER at much earlier ages. In order to stay ahead of the competition, you cannot rely on talent alone. You must work to increase every component of your ATHLETICISM, from your POWER and AGILITY, to your SPEED and ENDURANCE.

We work from the ground up to teach you correct movement patterns, mechanics and fundamentals that will help minimize injury.

Our program will progressively challenge you to increase your Power, Strength, Speed, Endurance, Coordination, Flexibility, and Agility. Our Strength and Conditioning program is straightforward and to the point. The Strength & Conditioning coaches at the Bulls / Sox Academy do not coach any sports and will not teach you how to shoot a jump shot or swing a bat. It is our job to make you become the BEST athlete you can be!

Strength and Conditioning builds athletic foundation, whether you play basketball, baseball, fastpitch, football, or other sports. A solid physical foundation is the first step in athletic achievement. The best players are the best athletes.

►  Trial availability - Up to 2-weeks at 2x per week.

►  Contact Casey Tiesman at 630-324-8248 to redeem your free 2-week, today!


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2 Month - $260
4 Month - $480
6 Month - $660

2-Month: $360
4-Month: $640
6-Month: $840