Bulls/Sox Academy Strength and Conditioning builds athletic foundation, whether you play basketball, baseball, fastpitch, football, or other sports. A solid physica
l foundation is the first step in athletic achievement. The best players are the best athletes.SC-Action-Youth.JPG

Beginning a training program early in life allows young athletes to establish basic fundamental movements before bad habits are established. Strength and Conditioning provides a fun, fast paced, environment that allows young athletes to raise their level of physical conditioning. Enjoying exercise at a young age helps young athletes to understand the importance of hard work, commitment and success while also creating habits that can continue through an athletic career and later in life.

For more information regarding Strength and Conditioning,
please call (630)324-8248 or email Casey at: CTiesman@bullssoxacademy.com


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Strength and Conditioning in La Grange is temporarily closed.


►  $100/per month
►   Scientifically designed program to build a foundation every athlete needs
►  Fun, high energy, fast paced group sports conditioning
►  Develops mobility, flexibility, core stability, speed, agility and strength