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Camps Fill Up Fast!

Our 12 cages offer our students a variety of options. Cages can be rented for batting or throwing, or with one of our many state-of-the-art pitching machines, including five MastersChicago-Batting-Cages-At-Bulls-Sox-Academy Pro-Arms. The Pro-Arm simulates pitcher's arm action making practice more "game like". Machine cages can throw anywhere from 35 to 85 mph. No machine cages are utilized for live batting practice, soft toss, tee work, or pitching work.

Cages are available anytime during normal turf hours. Please call 630-324-8242 to check availability at any one of our locations: Lisle and LaGrange

Call 630-324-8242 to Book a Private Lesson.


SC-Youth.png SC-12Plus.png Batting-Cages-Team-Rentals





  15 min. = $15

  30 min. = $20

  60 min. = $30



No Machine 

  15 min. = $13

  30 min. = $15

  60 min. = $25

►  30 min. =llkj $15

 Team PackagesPackages

1 session = $80

10 sessions= $720   

16 sessions = $1,088



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SmartKage is used for player development, recruiting, and scouting, partners with only the best sports training facilities in the US, and works with players age 10+. SmartKage is the science in the sport; every MLB stadium uses SmartKage technologies, giving you the same data as the Pros. SmartKage works with over 3,600 colleges and universities, and Pro teams in every MLB division. If you want to be recruited or scouted, SmartKage data is the only objective way to be known.