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Lexee's Travels - Final Installment

04/19/2012 10:48 PM -
Lexee Guerra, has completed her Junior year at Kaneland HS and is a member of the Bulls Elite Basketball program, she is currently studying in Mexico for the next 6 months. Follow along as she learns Spanish, immerses herself in a new culture, and plays basketball for Costa High School. She will document her experiences throughout her journey. This is Lexee’s final installment before she returns.

As I had said before, this week has been all about getting ready for “Edeprem,” the big tournament. I just got done with my spring break, which was the first two weeks of April. The first week was basketball-free. Our coach gave us a week break, because he believes that it is good to get a break and recover three weeks before the big tournament, before going intense the last three weeks. During that week, I did a lot of relaxing. My aunt and uncle took me with them to a town called “Tapalpa,” and I stayed in a cottage type house, and got to be lazy all week. While I was there, my cousin and I got to ride some horses, go four-wheeling, and walk through the downtown. The second half of the week, I stayed up there with one of my cousins I had recently met while I was here. We also did a lot of relaxing, but we ran in the mornings, because I was going through withdrawals with not working out for so long all of a sudden. Overall, I had a nice time that week; Tapalpa was more of a laid back town, which was exactly what I needed.
When it came to the second week, I jumped right back into basketball, but about ten times more intense! That week was all basketball, eating, and sleeping. From Monday to Wednesday, my routine was pretty much the same. I had to wake up early, and be at a running path in the woods at 8 o’clock. At this place we had to run the path that was 5 kilometers. After we finished running that, we went to this big hill, which we had to jog down and sprint up 6 times. As soon as we were done with that, we had to do 5 sets of 40 sit-ups and 6 sets of 15 pushups. We finished doing all of the conditioning at about 10 o’clock. I then had a break until 12 o’clock, when we started practicing until it was 2 o’clock. Not only were we already exhausted and sore from the morning, but the sun was so hot! It feels good to be in the sun, when you’re just relaxing, but when you are running and sweating, it is absolutely horrible! We had to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Come Thursday, the team was to go to another town where we could sleep for the weekend, and train all day. Thursday morning, we went to the place we always do to run; only this time we only had to run 2 kilometers and the big hill once. After finishing that, we headed together to the town called “Chapala.” We thought we lucked out, by not running so much in the morning, but when we arrived, we ran 10 more kilometers! When we got back, we had practice for about an hour, and it was time for bed. The next day we woke, ran another 10 kilometers, and then had practice for two hours. We then had the rest of the day to have team bonding. We had a balloon fight, watched movies, and ate food. It was a really nice time, and I have become really close with my team. Saturday was our last day there and we finished out the week by running 3 kilometers and 10 sprints. My whole body has never been so sore before! Every part of my body was hurting, and I could barely move. As bad as I felt, it was all worth it, because I felt so accomplished with everything I had done. I am planning on bringing this kind of conditioning home with me to work on by myself over the summer.
After those two weeks of vacation, I am back to school and normal practices for the next two weeks, until the big tournament. I was even chosen to shoot a video to represent my team and be part of a movie being made for “Edeprem.” It was shot by professional movie directors, and I got to show off my dribbling skills, so it was a pretty cool and honorable experience.
My time here in Mexico is beginning to run short. I am actually leaving sooner than I had originally planned. The reason for this is because after the big tournament, the basketball season ends here, and my Bulls Elite team has already started in Illinois. Because of this, I found it best that I return home to start training with my team that I will be playing with for the summer. Not only that, but I feel as though my time here has been well accomplished. I am about ready to return to my normal life with this new person I have become. I am definitely the same person, and always will be, just probably with a few adjustments, and new ways of thinking and understanding, along with a new confidence about myself and my life. I will admit, I do miss my family and friends, and I am super excited to return with them, but it is weird, because now I am really going to miss Mexico along with the friendships I have made and the family who lives here. This place has become a second home to me, and will be for the rest of my life.

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