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Academy Hosts Youth Groups From Both China and Japan

09/11/2018 4:45 PM -

The week of August 6-10, we were lucky enough to host youth groups from both China and Japan for their own Chicago Bulls basketball camps. Each group spent 3 hours per day at our facility enhancing their game with our Chicago Bulls Youth Academy basketball coaches.

Coach Ken Smith led the camp for the athletes from China where he used his background as a professional basketball player to show them skills and drills to enhance their game. They even had the opportunity to sit down and do film studies with Coach Smith to learn how to play like some of the best in the game.

Coaches Kyle Cummings, Ken Smith, and Mandela Koudi spent time with the group from Japan teaching the fundamentals of the game, offensive and defensive strategies, game situations, and live scrimmages for the youth athletes from overseas. This group came to Chicago specifically for this camp as they wanted to learn how to play authentic American basketball. “They were a very talented group with an amazing work ethic,” said coach Kyle Cummings. “You could tell they had a passion for the game and a real passion to improve. Every day we took the court they were ready to get after it.” He continued.

Each group also had the opportunity to tour the city of Chicago throughout the week, including visiting the United Center and seeing the famed Michael Jordan statue. They also received gifts from both the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Bulls Youth Academy for their visit to our facility.

Coach Cummings concluded, “Any opportunity we have to help young athletes improve their game and develop their character is something we cherish and search for. The best thing about basketball is it is a universal language that crosses all borders and cultures and we had the opportunity firsthand to see this in action this week.”