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» Bulls/Sox Academy FAQ

What is the relationship between the White Sox, Chicago Bulls and the Academy?

It’s interesting how many times we are asked this question. The answer is that we are owned by both teams. The Bulls/Sox Academy is the only youth training facility owned by either an MLB or NBA team in continental USA.

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Who are our Academy instructors?

Our instructors implement and use the training techniques that the Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox coaches use at the professional level.  Our instructors are current college or minor league players, former major league players, and individuals with experience playing at multiple levels.   Academy instructors are not parents of participants on our teams. 

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How do I know I’ll get a good coach or instructor?

Every one of our Academy instructors have been screened, trained and continually monitored by our quality control staff.  As instructors and coaches for two professional organizations, we expect our people to be held to a higher standard than others.

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Do the Chicago Bulls/Chicago White Sox players practice here?

Not usually, but from time to time players will use our Academies to work on their game, on and off season. 

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What is the student-instructor ratio for your camps?

Unless otherwise noted (for example, the 6:1 FP and BS Semi-Private Classes), our programming tries to maintain a student-instructor ratio below 10:1.

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How can I register for programming?

Registering for camps can be done through our website, by phone, or a registration form can be mailed or faxed in.  While registrations can be taken at the camp depending on the availability of spots in the camp, it is HIGHLY recommended that they turn the registration forms in before the camp begins.

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How old should a player be to take private lessons?

First of all, everyone can benefit from private lessons regardless of age. However, a very young player should have attained some minimal skill level before going “private.” We see lots of kids starting lessons at age 9 or so. In just about every case, we suggest that a young player participate in a group training program first. Group classes will generally cost less and the parent and instructor can make the determination about how to proceed following that. Now, once a player reaches an age and skill level where they clearly have a desire to play better, private lessons with any of our professional teachers is a great way to go. Just like learning to play the piano or solving complicated math problems require training, so too does learning the fine skills of sport.

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If my son is 6, can he join a camp for 7-10yrs olds? (can my son who’s 10 join a camp for 11, etc.)

Yes.  If the guardian believes that the 6 year old has the experience necessary to work with kids in the older age group, and if there is space still available for the camp, then the child can be enrolled for that camp.

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How fast do the batting cages go?

Our batting cages can go a variety of speeds, from 35-80mph.

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When will (Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall) programming become available?

Usually our Summer Programming is available for registration beginning Mid-Late March, our Fall Programming is available Mid-Late July, our Winter Programming is available Mid-Late September, and our Spring programming is usually available in January.

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